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Writing Tips and Helpful Resources

Story writing:
The Ultimate Way to Write Faster
5 Ways to Improve Your First Person Point of View
3 Essentials To Make Your Anti-Hero Effective
6 Inspirational Writing Tips
Know Your Grammar!
6 Basics to Make Your Book Successful
9 Common Writing Problems... and Their Solutions
The Seven Best Tips to Fight Writer's Block and Writer's Jam
5 Mistakes Authors Make That Lose Their Readers

Story editing:
10 Essentials for Proofreading Your Own Work
The Secret to Better Revise Your Novel
Are You Making These Common Spelling Errors?

Story publishing/marketing:
Numbers Prove the Best Way to Go: Traditional, Self-Publishing... or Hybrid?
10 Greatest Tips to Promote Your Book
9 Essentials for Publication
Online Predators
Your Best Publishing Bet - Lightning Source or CreateSpace?
3 Simple Tips to Successfully Promote your (E)book
The Cover That Will Either Make or Break Your Novel
Traditional Publishing vs Self-publishing
Reject the Rejection Letter - Why Your Story Was Not Accepted and How to Deal With It
The Top 30 Things an Author Must Do To Succeed
How to Choose YOUR Path From the Countless Options Available: Big Five, Independent, or Self-Publishing?
Why (Not) To Go For a Small Press When Publishing Your Book
Top 10 Tips I Learned About Getting Book Endorsements

Useful Writing Resources

Earn Money Writing
The 8 Best Resources for Emerging Writers
3 Things Writers Can Learn from Halloween Trick-or-Treaters
Greatest Quotes to Keep You Going
The Ultimate Writing Encouragement

Planting Ideas Into Your Reader's Mind... And Remaining Unnoticed
30 Writing Prompts
Bookaholics Products for Sale!
101 Best Websites For Writers
How to Write Good
10 Authors Who Were Told They Would Never Succeed... But Went On to Achieve the Unthinkable
Comments Writers Are Tired of Hearing
17 Words You Should Have in Your Vocabulary

About Me/My Work

Inspirational TEDx Talk on Writing
Contests I've Participated in
About Me
Poetry Acceptance
Short Story Acceptance
I am Now a Published Author
Shortlisted In the Nancy Thorp Competition :D

The Pen
The Unusual Rejection
Exciting News - The Junior Author Short Story Competition 2014

Just Perfect and Anorexia Recovery

Important Announcement
"Just Perfect" Teaser
"Just Perfect" - Hanne Arts (Book Trailer)
Feature in Het Laatste Nieuws
A Day in My Life | Anorexia Recovery and What I Eat Today
Anorexia Hospitalization | Journey to Recovery
Comments Recovering Anorexics and Bulimics Are Tired of Hearing
Anorexia Recovery Weight Maintain Meal Plan
Eating Disorders FAQ: Calories, Quantities, Exercise and More
What I Eat in a Day | PIE AS BIG AS MY HEAD
Healthy Homemade Nut Butter
HELP! I’m midnight snacking! | EAT INTUITIVELY
Fuck You, Haters | Mean Comments on My Channel
What I Eat in a Day
Too Much Sugar in Recovery?
Diet Update | Increasing to 3,000+ Kcal
Moving into Uni | Surviving Fresher's Week
What I Eat in a Day | Uni Edition
What I Eat on Holidays | All-Inclusive Edition
Anorexia Hospitalization
Exercise in Eating Disorder Recovery


Eating Disorder Weight Gain: What Happens?
Depression - The Symptoms and Treatment
English is Crazy
New Year Around the Corner
Do You Make Any Money Writing?
20 Best Bookish Valentine's Day Wishes
Limited-Time 15% Discount on All T-Shirts!
Christmas Giveaway Joy
Who Is More Likely To...? | Twin Edition

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